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I have a balance in an account that is not on my chart of accounts?

How do I move to the correct account?
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QuickBooks Team

I have a balance in an account that is not on my chart of accounts?

Hello @maacobookkeeper,


Welcome to the Community. I'd be happy to assist with the balance that's showing in your account.


Just to clarify, are you seeing a balance for this account when you run reports? If so, and you're unable to locate it in the Chart of Accounts, it sounds like it has been made inactive. Here's how you can check:


  1. Click Accounting on the left navigation menu and choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select the small Gear icon above the Action column and place a check-mark next to the box for Include inactive.
  3. Enter the name of the account in the Filter by name box.


If  the account appears, you will have the option to reactivate it by selecting Make active or view information about it by selecting the Upside down triangle and choosing Run Report.  The following is a brief video to serve as a demonstration:



Moving the balance from the inactive account is going to depend on what type of transaction that it is. I'm including some articles that go over changing them:



Another option would be to create a journal entry to move the balance. You can locate further insight into this process, including steps, at the following link: How To Create A Journal Entry.


Naturally, you may wish to consider reaching out to your accountant to ensure that you choose the decision that's best for your business needs.


That's it. I believe that  this will help you on the path to having the right balance. 


Let me know if you need anything. Wishing you well. 

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