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I have a problem with a check received from a customer

I received a check from a customer that had $2952 in the amount box and $2052 in the written area. The bank deposited the $2952 and then debited our account $900. The customer then wrote another $900. The second $900 check along with the original $2052 check was matched against the $2952 deposit. The second check was deposited along with 2 other checks that sit in undeposited funds. I cannot match the deposit because the second check is linked to the first deposit. I need to know how to fix this situation so I can match the second deposit and show that the customer still owes the $900.
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I have a problem with a check received from a customer

That would be correct on the Banks part.  The amount WRITTEN is the legal amount of the check, not the numbers. 


Delete the Deposit in the Checking Register which should put the money back in Undeposited Funds.  Then go modify the Received from Customer entry to the correct $2052.  This should put the correct amount of $2052 in Undeposited Funds and show the correct Partial Payment to the Invoice with a $900 outstanding balance.  


Go to Undeposited Funds and make the first Deposit of the $2052 and be sure to put the original/correct date when you actually made the first Deposit.


The second $900 check you should now be able to apply to the Invoice and then make the Deposit from UDFs to your bank account.  Depending upon how you entered the $900 check, you may need to delete the entry if you can't apply it to the correct invoice.

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I have a problem with a check received from a customer

I’m still stuck. The original deposit was made with the $2952 so the payment must remain $2952 in order to match the downloaded deposit. The bank then debited the checking account for the $900 error. I now have sitting in the transactions to be reviewed the $900 that needs to be the responsibility of the customer that wrote the check incorrectly. I used a check to record the NSF $900 but it doesn’t reflect a new A/R for the customer. Should I not use a check? How do I record the additional $900 that this customer owes to be reflected in their account?

QuickBooks Team

I have a problem with a check received from a customer

Hello, Newby17. 


The Account Receivable is the account that you have to use on the check you are going to send if you expect to get paid. Creating a check is to ensure that your customer will be able to have a basis on the amount they've owed to you and record it properly in your books. It will not create a credit for your customer.


To know more details about Accounts Receivable, you can check out our QuickBooks Blog page: What are accounts receivable? 


Additionally, I'm adding this article to further guide you in managing your vendor and customer transactions using QBO: QuickBooks Help Articles. It includes topics about account management, banking, and expenses, to name a few. You can click the + More topics button to view other selections. 


If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below. We'll respond as soon as we can. Stay safe!

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