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I need to correct a SSN on a W-2 for an employee and cannot find the correct forms to do so?

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QuickBooks Team

I need to correct a SSN on a W-2 for an employee and cannot find the correct forms to do so?

Hello, bimmy. We're happy to have you here in the Community!

Correcting an employee's SSN so that it reflects on the W-2 is easy. The process differs, depending on what type of payroll subscription you have.

Here's how it's done if you're using QuickBooks Online Payroll:

1. In the menu bar on the left, go to Workers.
2. Find the employee you need to make changes to and click on Edit employee.

3. In section 1, hit the edit (pencil) icon to update their details.
4. Enter the new information in the field for the Social Security Number.

If you're subscribed to Intuit Online Payroll, follow these steps:
1. Open your Employees list and click on the employee's name.

2. Look for the Taxes & Exemptions area. Once you've found it, click Edit.
3. In the text box for the SSN, make the appropriate corrections.

It's that simple of a process. After you've completed the steps for the type of payroll you're using, you should be ready to print the form with the proper information displayed on it. Here's an informative article that may be helpful as well: Correct an employee's Social Security number

I'll be here to help if you have any questions.

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