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Import transactions

Hi all! 


We are just starting Quickbooks this year. We are in the process of setting up payroll through QB, but we aren't there yet. We currently use a third party payroll processor. We had a spreadsheet that we could use to import the payroll journal entries for our old software. I'm just wondering how/if I could do something similar for the next few weeks. 



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Re: Import transactions

Welcome aboard to the QuickBooks Community, joneill1186.


It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have about importing general journal entries from a third party platform.


You can import transactions like journal entries if your third-party payroll software provides IIF file format of the data. I'm adding a screenshot below that'll show you the list of transactions you can import using this format:



For the steps on how to import the file, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your company file as Admin.
  2. Switch to Single User mode.
  3. Click the File tab at the top menu bar.
  4. Select Utilities.
  5. Select Import.
  6. Click IIF Files.

I'm adding the article below as well for your future reference:


Export or import IIF files.


Please remember I'm always available here to help you succeed with using the QuickBooks product.

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Re: Import transactions

Importing into QB can be challenging.  Get up to speed faster with our BRC IIF Transaction Creator Pro  

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Re: Import transactions

If you intend to move to using QB for its payroll, you should avoid JE. That will not create Payroll info in the Payroll tools, so you will have financial entries, but no Payroll YTD info. I recommend setting the file to Manual Payroll. Then, you set up the Employee Default, then each Name with the W4 info. Now you will use Pay Employees to generate and use the Payroll Functions Manually, using the input values from the outsourced supplier. When you are ready, mid-2019, to pay for the tax table subscription, you enter that key in this file, download the tax tables, and the YTD info is used, because you provided it from each payroll run, in the manner needed.


Otherwise, when you "cut over" you have to make YTD entries for each name, for each Pay type, for each tax type, for the Employer taxes, and all of them with Values and Wage bases.


This is why the first paycheck of the new Calendar year really is the Best Time to change payroll services; not mid-year.