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Importing Custom Invoice Templates into QuickBooks Online

I have always been able to import a pdf to invoices until today.  It says for security reasons it can't.  I do this everyday all day to all my invoices.  It is scanned into my computer as a pdf also. 

QuickBooks Team

Importing Custom Invoice Templates into QuickBooks Online

Hi there, ashleyrogers75.

Glad you reached out to us today. I can provide information about the issue with attaching PDF files to customer invoices in QuickBooks Online.

The error message you see when attaching files to customer invoices or sales receipts is a known issue. Our product engineers are diligently working to fix this as early as possible.


While they’re working to resolve the issue, you may perform the workaround provided below. Please remove the extra space before .<ext>  so you can attach the file.

For example: Filename .pdf rename to Filename.pdf.


I’d also suggest getting in touch with our Customer Care Team to add your account to the list of affected users. This will allow you to receive updates about this as soon as they become available.


Here’s how you can contact support:

Let me know if you have further concerns. I’ll be here to answer them for you. Have a good day!


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Importing Custom Invoice Templates into QuickBooks Online

I'm having a similar issue, but it involves importing an invoice template from Word.  Once it has been imported I cannot edit it.  Previously I could edit templates I had imported.


Importing Custom Invoice Templates into QuickBooks Online

Hello, @HD83.


Welcome and thanks for posting here in the Community. Allow me to step in for a moment and share some information about importing invoice template to QuickBooks Online (QBO).


The option to edit an imported custom invoice template is currently unavailable in QBO. For now, you'll need to edit the template through Word first before importing it to QBO again as a workaround.


Once done editing, here's how to import custom invoice template:


1. Click the Gear icon at the top.
2. Select Custom Form Styles under Your Company.
3. On the upper right, choose the New Style drop-down and select Import Style.
4. Click Browse, then select the template file.
5. Once done, select Next.


For your reference, you can visit this article for further guidance: How to import custom invoices.


While this option isn't available yet in QBO, I'm going to submit feedback regarding this feature directly to our Product Developers Team for consideration in future updates. I also invite you to leave feedback as well. This can be done directly through your account by clicking the Gear icon in the top right corner, then select Feedback or by going to the following link: QuickBooks Online Feature Requests.


That's it! I'd be glad to continue assisting if you should have any additional questions. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

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