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Equator Dawn
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Importing Excel Spreadsheet into QB Small Business Online

Hi. I’m new to QB Community and this is my first discussion post. My question is regarding importing excel spreadsheets into QB Small Business Online. I had an issue importing an excel ss Chart of Accounts as the Balance Total column was not imported, (only Account Name and Type). At first I used an excel ss exported from QB Desktop Pro Chart of Accounts and it wasn’t accepted at all; (File data not found), so I downloaded the Online COA Sample File and updated my spreadsheet to the same format, (only I replaced the Detail Type column with a Balance Total column – in fact I don't understand  why the sample spreadsheet had no Balance Total column!) Anyway – as I say the numbers did not import. I could not copy and paste into the sample spreadsheet; (Do not import. Data is for sample purposes only). Thank you for reading and I look forward to a reply.

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Importing Excel Spreadsheet into QB Small Business Online

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, Equator Dawn. I'm glad to see you here today.


The import process in QBO will only let you upload the lists. When importing the Chart of Accounts, the balances will not be included. You'll have to manually enter them when you're done importing the accounts.


Our engineers would love to hear your thoughts about how they can make the program better for you. I'd suggest sending feedback through this link:


I'll be around if you need a hand importing your files. Thanks for dropping by.

Equator Dawn
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Importing Excel Spreadsheet into QB Small Business Online

Thank you Sophia Ann for answering my question. I'd like to know if any bookkeepers/accountants have issue with manually typing in large amounts of numbers into Balance Total, (etc), columns? Perhaps there's something I need to understand about the process; right now I cannot understand this situation. I'll be glad for general feedback as currently building a bookkeeping business and concerned about the time-consuming and accuracy issues with this situation. I will consider sending feedback to the engineers. Thanks for reading.

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Importing Excel Spreadsheet into QB Small Business Online



I’ve just downloaded the iPad app and I can’t see how to upload my CofA or my TB.  The Gear icon doesn’t cobtain an option for Import Data.


Also, when I linked to my bank account, QB downloaded 90 day of transactions but marked the opening balance (from 90 days ago) with today’s date.


Appreciate some guidance on getting started.  I’m trying to load balacnces for 1 January, which is mid-way into my FY.


Thank you.

QuickBooks Team

Importing Excel Spreadsheet into QB Small Business Online

Hi 0uatiOW!


Thank you for choosing QuickBooks Online.


The Import data option is available on the web interface. Please log in to your QuickBooks company using a browser and import your Chart of Accounts list.


On the other hand, QuickBooks normally downloads 90 days of transactions when you connect your account. What you can do is exclude those unwanted transactions, and only manage those from January 1.

  1. On the For Review tab, select the transactions you want to remove.
  2. Click on Batch Actions.
  3. Select Exclude Selected.

For more information about importing Chart of Accounts lists and handling bank transactions, please check these articles:

The Community team is just here if you need anything else.

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