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Importing General Journal Entries

My company is currently using QB Enterprise Solutions 19.0 version. We are trying to find a way to upload several journal entries at one time (Amortization/Depreciation). All the information I am finding is directing me to create a .QBJ or .IIF file in order to import. Do we need a third party program to convert a .CSV file into one of these formats? We would like to be able to create a template that can be updated each month and then uploaded into QB.

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Importing General Journal Entries

Technically anyone can write an IIF file themselves, but the learning curve probably isn't worth it.


Instead I suggest using our BRC IIF Transaction Creator Pro   to help you import Journals (and most other types of transactions.)


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Importing General Journal Entries

I use to import from Excel my journal entries in QB Online. 


Was this removed from QB? or is there a specific version/country which has this feature?


Importing General Journal Entries

Thank you for joining in on the thread, NievesM.


Yes, you're right. For some reason, we're unable to import journal entries in QBO USA. I suggest looking for a third-party app that can import your entries.


  1. Go to Apps.
  2. Search for something like import journal entries.


Let me know if you have more questions. Take care!

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Importing General Journal Entries

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