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Inventory OH and Quick Report not matching

Under our inventory item list a part shows 21k OH. 


When we run the Inventory Item Quick Report, the OH shows 5,600.


A receiving we did yesterday is not showing up on the report, part ordered, paid by check. 


All other receiving's are showing for the year. 

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Level 15

Inventory OH and Quick Report not matching

QB listing can be weird at times, give it a minute or two and if it still does not update, close and reopen QB


Also check the dates too, set the quick report to ALL dates and refresh

QuickBooks Team

Inventory OH and Quick Report not matching

I'm pleased to have you here in the Community today, @ConfusedGuy. I'd be glad to provide information about why OH, and the Quick report doesn't match sometimes.


If you have a specific number of items in your inventory, you'll also have to adjust the scope of the report you're going to generate for them to match with your inventory numbers. To have the correct figures appear in your report, set the reporting period to All Dates.


Other possible reasons why you're on hand inventory doesn't match your Quick report Data:


  • Non-posting transactions are listed on the Quick Report.
  • Transaction include different unites of measure.


You can also utilize the Filter feature when running a report to avoid these situations.


Additionally, I've got you these handy articles for future reference:



I'd like you to know that you can always get back to me if you need further assistance matching your on-hand inventory numbers to your Quick report. I'll keep an eye on your response. Keep safe, and have a great day!

Level 1

Inventory OH and Quick Report not matching

I checked filters and didn't see anything that looked wrong. 


I see my other item receipts, bills and assemblies just not this receiving. 

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