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Is multiple entry in 1 single transaction can be done in QuickBooks desktop.

Hello I am new using QuickBooks and right now our company is using QuickBooks desktop, I’m just wondering if it’s possible to do multiple journal entry in one transactions specially the A/P and the A/ R account because I tried it but unfornatunately I will warn me that it can’t use 2 A/P and 2 A/R at the same time.

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Is multiple entry in 1 single transaction can be done in QuickBooks desktop.

Hello here, Kulott76.


I'm here to provide some additional clarification on your question regarding using more than one AR or AP account in a transaction.


The system will only allow one A/R and A/P account when you record transactions. However, there are some workarounds you can follow in this situation.


I'm adding the article below for more insights about what I'm referring to: Warning: You cannot use more than one AR or AP account in the same transaction.


Please be sure to let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you out. You can post a response below and I'll be sure to get back to you.

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Is multiple entry in 1 single transaction can be done in QuickBooks desktop.




Please Learn from this input.


You don't Use any Register like that, for QB. The QB program has an Interface = set of Tools.

You hardly ever use JE in QB; not for anything where Names will be used. Not for AR, AP, QB inventory, QB payroll, not for Sales or Sales Taxes.


AR is Customer Transactions: invoice (unpaid sale) and Credit memo (to reverse, refund, write off or otherwise credit back for AR), Receive Payment. You don't use Debit-Credit; you cannot list items and you just bypassed Sales and Customer reporting entirely. You also just bypassed Cash vs Accrual Basis reporting.


When you open a Register View of a Balance Sheet Account, you are seeing how the Transaction Affect that account. Do not work in the AR Register; each customer name creates a Virtual AR subregister. If you don't need Invoices for AR, don't need Sales taxes or any "items that calculate on other items" then the Function you overlooked is Statement Charges. Not JE for AR.


Vendors and AP is Bills, Bill Credits and Pay Bills.


Banking is Checks, even if paperless, ACH, EFT, or Debit card spending. Deposits are from other activities such as Sales Receipts or Received Payments, and even Vendor AP Refunds to linkthem to open Vendor Credit transactions.


Credit card spending is Enter Credit Card Charge.


If you are using QB for Mac as the Desktop program, then your Resources are found at:

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