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Net Sales report

How do I run a NET sales report that shows sales after discounts applied?

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QuickBooks Team

Net Sales report

Thank you for choosing QuickBooks Online as your partner, @Fellucca1. I’m here to assist you with pulling up a report specifically for your discounts concern.

We can start by going to the Reports menu. In the search bar, enter Sales by Product/Service Detail. You can pull up this report to see the total discount given to a product.

In the report’s header section, you can filter some information for this report. Let’s check the reporting period, as QuickBooks reports are generated based on the date you provide. Please make sure you set the correct date for the discounted transactions in question. Then, proceed to the steps below:


  1. At the upper-right, click Customize.
  2. Click the Filter, under the Product/Service drop-down and select Discount.
  3. Tap Run Report.


For an instance, let’s say, you made an invoice of $1,000 with the discount of 10%. This means the balance due for your customer is $900. To take a look of this, follow the steps above.


I’ve included some snippets below:




For more information about customizing reports in QuickBooks Online, check out this article. It includes a short video that’ll help you with running and personalizing reports.

If you’d like to save all the changes you’ve made, you can memorize your reports. Through this, you won’t have to go through the same process of customizing them.

You can always get back to me if you need further help with generating a report. I’ll be around to assist you. Keep safe.

Level 1

Net Sales report

Thank you for your reply but there is not "Discount" options under the "Product/Service" custom filter.

QuickBooks Team

Net Sales report

It's nice to see you back in the thread, @Fellucca1. I'll show you how to include net sales after applying discounts in QuickBooks Online. 


Before we begin, you'll need to turn on discounts to add them to your invoice.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Select Account and Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Sales tab.
  4. Click the pencil icon under the sales form content.
  5. Put a mark in the box next to Discount.
  6. Click Save and Done.


Moving forward, here is the other way to run reports for the net sales in QuickBooks Online.


Here's how:


  1. From the Reports tab, click the Transaction List by Customer.
  2. Let's make sure to filter the exact date before clicking the Run Report button.
  3. Click the Filter under the Product/Service drop-down
  4. Then hit Run Report.


You'll notice the amount shown in the report is the net sales of the product or service. If you want to see the discount price, just click the invoice number for the detailed transaction made.


Additionally, feel free to read this article for more details: Add a discount to an invoice or sales receipt in QuickBooks Online.


Hop in if you need more information about your sales receipts. I'll be there to support you always.

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Net Sales report

Thank you for the reply.


I've already had the "Discount" option enabled.


1. This report doesn't help because I need to see the items that were sold.

2. You said "Click the Filter under the Product/Service drop-down". There is no filter option on the report screen so I assume you mean going to "Customize" first. However, there is no "Product/Service" filter option for this report.

3. If you meant going to the "Settings" gear icon and checking the box to show the "Discounts" column, that also doesn't work - no discount amount appears in the column.


Net Sales report

I'd be glad join this thread and help you get the data that you need, Fellucca1.


Please note that the discounts would not show up in the drop-down list to "Product and Service". This is because it's not listed as an actual item in in the Products and Services window. 


You'll want to go back to the Sales by Customer Detail report. Then, add the Memo/Description column so the report would show the Discount. Here's how:


  1. Open the Sales by Customer Detail report.
  2. Click Customize and click Rows/Columns.
  3. Check the box for Memo/Description.
  4. Click Run report.




We have additional report-related articles to share for additional guidance when reviewing data in QBO:



As always, please ask questions in the Community if you need more help from us. We're open all the time to make sure everything is taken care of.

Level 1

Net Sales report

I have the same issue. I am trying to generate a report of Net Sales by ITEM (not customer) that shows the net amount after any discounts were applied. The reponses given above generate reports by customer, not Item. I don't care which customers received discounts, I want to see each Sales Item and the final amount after discounts were subtracted.


How do I do this in QB desktop? Discounts are enabled and applied to invoices, but the current Sales by Item reports simply include Item amounts at full price, broken down by Item, and then one single Discounts line that contains all of the discounts added into one figure and not by Item. 


Net Sales report

Hi sbelletti,


The discounts on sales are applied to the transactions as a whole, making them indirectly associated to the items. For this reason, we're unable to generate the report you like.


I understand that having a report that shows the net sales on the item level is useful for you. Feel free to submit a feature request, so our engineers can consider adding it in future updates.


  1. Click on Help.
  2. Choose Send Feedback Online.
  3. Select Product Suggestion.


I'm sharing this article about reports in QB Desktop for your reference in the future: Understand Reports.


You can always go back to this thread if you have other questions in mind. Have a good one.

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