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Pop up notes for parts

Hi All! 


We run a manufacturing business where specific tools are needed for parts. Sometimes, after a run, a tool might start to show signs of wear and need to be reworked for the next run. We have to send our tools to another company to get reworked. We don't send out tools to get reworked until another order comes in. It could be weeks or it could be months. 

Is there any way to add something in QuickBooks that flags a part so we can get a pop up or some kind of notification that the part needs to be reworked when entering an order? 

QuickBooks Team

Pop up notes for parts

Hi there, @joneill1186


Thanks for visiting the Community. At the moment, the option to get the Pop-up notes for parts when your tool will start to show signs of wear and need to be reworked. 


I understand the need to have this feature for you and your business. I'll pass this along to our engineers to let them know of your insights. 


In the meantime, you can visit our Firm of the Future for our product updates and new features in QuickBooks Desktop. 


Let me know if you have additional concerns. We're always delighted to help. 


Community Champion

Pop up notes for parts

As a workaround you could enter the tool as an inventory part with no price but with a reorder trigger. Adding the tool to each job will reduce the tool "life" by one. At a certain point when entering job info you will get a small popup warning that it is time to reorder

Level 4

Pop up notes for parts

Hi John,


Thanks for the suggestion. I think something like this may work. However, I am unfamiliar with the order triggers. Can you please explain in greater detail?  Sorry for the ignorance and thank you in advance. 


QuickBooks Team

Pop up notes for parts

Hi @joneill1186,


A reorder point is the minimum quantity of an item that you want to have in stock at any given time. You'll get a message prompt once you reach it. Let me walk you through how to add it.


  1. Go to Lists, then Item List.
  2. Scroll down towards the Item drop-down. Then, New.
  3. Select Inventory Part from the Type drop-down and enter your Item Name.
  4. Choose an Income Account and enter in your Reorder Point under Inventory Information.
  5. Click OK.

I've got these awesome articles you can use as your reference. 

Should you have other questions or concerns, please let us know. The Community has your back. Thanks for posting and have a great day ahead.

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