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Quickbooks Online Filter Options

Can I filter a report on a custom invoice field that only shows where either A) the custom field IS BLANK or B) the custom field is NOT EQUAL to "Y" in QuickBooks Online?
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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Online Filter Options

Welcome to the Community space, @kprpremier.


Allow me to step in and share some information about customizing reports in QuickBooks Online.


There are a lot of options on how you can customize the QBO reports. However, the input on the reports is dependent on the transaction entered. Currently, the option to filter and detect whether a certain custom field is blank or is not equal to Y is unavailable.


You'll have to review the report or use the Ctrl+F keyboard combination. You also have the option to export the report to Excel.



I also suggest sending your suggestion to our Product Developers. By doing so, this will help us make the request for the feature to be included in future updates. Just click the Gear icon and choose Feedback. I'll also do the same for this request to get more votes.


Let me know if there's more I can help you with. Just click "Reply" or mention my name. I'd be happy to offer my assistance.

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Quickbooks Online Filter Options

I have several custom reports that are in a QB online account (they were created by someone else).   Some only have a few of the options available under FILTER on the customize screen.  How to I get all options to show?

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Online Filter Options

Hello there, @SimonDog.


QuickBooks Online offers an array of reports you can choose from. Depending on the report type, you can apply multiple filters to customize it.


For more detailed information, you can check this article about: Customize your reports in QuickBooks Online.

Also, I encourage visiting our Help article. From there, you can read some great articles that can guide you manging your QuickBooks Online (QBO).
If you have other QuickBooks related concerns, you can post them anytime here.


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Quickbooks Online Filter Options

Your product developer are NOT AT ALL responsive to your customer's needs, and NEVER HAVE BEEN!  Please stop suggesting we do your job (contacting you own team) every time your product can't do something obvious and routine.  It just rubs it in our faces that (barring a major disruption) we're all stuck with what you cram down our throats.

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