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build assembly count

I have Quickbooks: Permier Plus 2018. We manufacture roof racks for trucks, SUVs, etc. We receive our material in inches. Though it may be 500 pieces of 133" material, we receive it in as 66500 inches. When making components/assemblies and do a build assembly, the BOM will have a certain amount of inches taken out from the total on hand (Part Number DSRLAS45A uses 45" of however much total inches in stock). Let's say I have 2-DSRLAS45A in inventory and 45" has been subtracted from the total inches. Then the BOM for my finished good will use those two DSRLAS45A. I would like a report that only includes when the part was consumed by going into the next level part. I can right click and run a Quick Report on that item, which is good, but I have to manually count down the list how many parts were used. That report includes the positives when build assemblies happened to make the part from the inches, and the negatives when that part goes into the next level (finished good). It shows how many we had at the start date, and how many on hand at the end date. But I'd like to know how many were consumed during that time period. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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build assembly count

Hello DonnyMC.


I'll be happy to help you get your inventory tracking properly.


I was able to find something that may work for what you are trying to do. 


An Inventory Assembly item is one type of line items used when creating a sale or purchase form. Creating and adding assembly items to inventory is a two-step process:

  1. First, define the Bill of Materials (BOM) to specify what components go into making the assembly item, then build a quantity of the assembly item so QuickBooks Desktop can deduct the component parts from the inventory and add new quantities of the assembled item.
    Note: As soon as you build an assembly item, its component parts no longer exist as separate parts in inventory because they have become part of a new inventory item called an inventory assembly.
  2. After assembly items are defined, they are added to inventory by "building" them. An assembly build is necessary to keep inventory quantities accurate.
    Note: Each time an assembly item is built in QuickBooks Desktop, the inventory parts and other assembly items (sub-assemblies) in the BOM are deducted from inventory and the quantity of the assembly item increases.


You can find more information on this here


Please look this information over and let me know if that will work for you. I'll be here to make sure this gets resolved.

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build assembly count



I'm not quite sure what you are wanting.

You build the assembly and 45" are removed from inventory
a QR for the item will show a negative qty, and a QR report for the assembly item will show a positive qty.


An item valuation detail report, customize set the filter for item and select all assembly items - will show the number built for the report date range.


An item QR, customize and set the filter to Item Type, select all assemblies, will show the item use for the report time period


A custom transaction detail report might work to do it all for you
set the columns to show Type, Date, Num, memo, item, qty, and set the total by to Item type - click filters and set the transaction type to Build Assembly

set the date range, refresh the report

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build assembly count

Hello SterlingD,


Thanks for the information, but this is stuff I already know and do.  We have raw materials where some are turned into components (assemblies), and finished goods (assemblies) that use raw materials and components.


I know I'm not explaining it well, sorry.  Let's try this.


We have raw rail material DSRLA that we inventory in inches.


On 12 different days during the month of September I put Build Assemblies into the system of various amounts of DSRLAS25A (one of our rail assemblies).  Is there a report I can run, or a place I can look, that tells me, in total, how many DSRLAS25A were built (consumed from raw material DSRLA)?  I can run a Quick Report from the Item List and manually count down the line of positive numbers (build assemblies) and/or the negative numbers (assemblies consumed by higher level build assemblies), but it takes a while.  I want something that gives me a total for either positive build assemblies or negative consumption of those assemblies during that time.


Thank you for the help.


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build assembly count

The closest I can come is the custom transaction report I explained in my first answer

I have edited that response to include the qty column, somehow I forgot it.


 the report will show the number built per day but will not total that column, do it mentally or export to excel and format the column

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