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Chart of Accounts issue

We have had so many issues syncing our data from Shopify POS to Quickbooks Desktop! The web connector we're using doesn't map to the correct Chart of Accounts Cost of Goods account unless I manually go in and change all of our items to an Inventory Part and edit the Income, Expense, and COGS accounts. Then, an adjustment is made to our Inventory Asset account and it's throwing all of our numbers off. We do not have accurate reporting of our income and expenses as a result of this without spending a lot of man hours manually correcting everything. Has anyone else run into this issue since changing from Quickbooks Point of Sale? Any suggestions for a better web connector that will work for us?

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QuickBooks Team

Chart of Accounts issue

Hi there, @nbuehler. We'll point you in the right direction to help you sync Shopify POS with QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Before we dig deeper into your query, know we appreciate you for informing us of the steps you've performed on your end. Since the Web connector option doesn't work in your current situation, know that it's best to contact the Shopify Customer Care Team so they can set it up for you and have it sync seamlessly with your QBDT. We'll input the steps below to get you going:


  1. Go to this page:
  2. Enter a description of your query in the Virtual Help Center section.

Also, we're providing these handy articles to help you secure a backup copy of your company files and keep track of transactions entered inside the program:



We look forward to having you here again if you need further assistance syncing Shopify with QuickBooks. We'll make sure to respond right away. Keep safe, and have a good one.

Level 1

Chart of Accounts issue

I maybe wasn't clear about my issue. The web connector is syncing, however it is not mapping my data to the correct COGS accounts. There is nowhere in Shopify for me to indicate an Expense, Income, and COGS account for the items we sell, as we had in the old QuickBooks POS system. The web connector support team told me I have to edit every item we sell to make them Inventory Parts. When I do that, general journal entries are being created in some of my accounts as "3100- Opening Balance Equity" and now my asset accounts are showing negative balances. My accounts are all incorrect in Chart of Accounts and we have been trying to manually correct them. I have reached out to Shopify asking for a suggestion of a web connector more specific to our needs with no response. I have had chats with QuickBooks with no resolution. 

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