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Customized invoice

I know similar questions have been asked, but I am looking for something very particular for our invoices. I know that we can customize invoices to a certain degree, but the format stays the same. I am looking for a completely different style of invoice - one that I made a long time ago in excel, but no longer use as it's more work than Quickbooks. 


Our old invoice has parts on the left side of the invoice, and total at the bottom, and another below parts for any outside repairs that were made, and the labor area of the invoice that takes the remainder of the invoice to the right. I hope this makes sense. 


Is there a way to customize an invoice in this manner? 



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Customized invoice

You cannot Split the details like you describe; you can Subtotal, though.


List all Services; then use a Subtotal item.

List all Noninventory parts; then use a Subtotal item.

List all Other Charge Type items; then use a Subtotal Item.


This is not a Spreadsheet. It is Row By Row. Think about sitting down at a restaurant and we "take your order" and list it Row by Row.

Level 1

Customized invoice

That's how I do it now. Thanks for your answer, I appreciate it.

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