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End of Year Donation Report

Hello, when trying to pull a custom transaction detail report for last year, totals by customer to account for all donation received my report is not pulling all donations.  I have tried to check this by having the report select from all accounts and one where I individually selected all donation income accounts.  Neither showed all.  I know there are other donation amounts logged in QB from doing a quick deposit report.  For instance for one customer it only lists them with $25 in donations and yet they also donated $500 in the same calendar year.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, 


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QuickBooks Team

End of Year Donation Report

Hello there, @Endy.


Thank you for posting here in the Community. It's my pleasure to help run report in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) with all the donations amount in the previous year.


To see the list of all donations on the previous year you may switch the accounting basis to either cash or accrual. You can do it by choosing either Cash or Accrual beside Report Basis and Refresh the report.

Also, make sure that the date are filtered correctly.


Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below, we're always here to help. Have a wonderful day!





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End of Year Donation Report

QuickBooks won't create proper donor statements, and the report Intuit suggests will not always show you donations received on the donation date or within the period.


Instead, use our BRC Donor Statements  app, which will create the statements for you complete with addressing, your custom text, donation details, and the required disclaimers.

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End of Year Donation Report

Run your Sales By Customer Summary, set the Columns by Item Type or Item Detail. Here is your perspective of the data.

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End of Year Donation Report

What you're describing can happen if your donations aren't recorded as sales, but instead directly on deposits.  Your accounting is still correct, but generally sales reports in QB don't look at deposits.


If you use our BRC Donor Statements - Desktop , on the other hand, it will include donations recorded as deposits or as sales transactions.

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End of Year Donation Report

BRC's solution has been the best answer I've found using desktop. Takes just a little time to learn, but it's easy to run test letters to PDF before committing to a full print job. Good amount of flexibility, too.

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