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Community Champion

Getting started with using tags in QBO

Here's my first look at using the new tags feature in QBO. This will be a great additional feature that allows reporting by tags.
Level 15

Getting started with using tags in QBO

Nice video.  You say additional feature, so this is in addition to classes and locations?


During the video you referred to some tags as location, some as class, makes it confusing somewhat.


If this replaces classes and locations, what happens to the ones you have?

and can you move a tag from one group to another without losing the underlying transactions?

Community Champion

Getting started with using tags in QBO

Classes and Locations are not going away. But using Tags does give you an alternative option. It's great for folks on Simple Start and Essentials to use tags with out having to upgrade to Plus or Advanced. I did edit a tag by moving it to another tag group and it kept the underlying transactions. I see what you mean about the confusion of classes. In my case I was explaining tags (ie I teach OneNote class, etc). Setting up tags is new and I'm sure we will continue to see best uses cases for them. I like the idea of having a new reporting skill in your toolkit when needed.
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Getting started with using tags in QBO

Great video! Is there a way to "tag" split transactions?  I.E.- I write a single check for a subcontractor or vendor but their invoice or statement has 3(or more) customers that he has worked on or supplied materials for. When it appears on our banking/transaction page in QBO I know have to split his payment between those 3 customers. How do I "tag" each split so that I can run an accurate report? I hope there is a way!


QuickBooks Team

Getting started with using tags in QBO

It’s actually a great idea, @TributeEvolution.

Thanks for joining this thread and sharing your concern with us. I can see the benefits and impacts of the feature. 

You can tag transactions such as invoices, expenses, and bills. However, you can’t tag general journal entries or transfers, as well as things like customers or items. That means adding a tag to split entries is unavailable at the moment. 

I won’t leave you without providing enough information about the feature. You can use these resources to learn more about the tag transactions and why you should use them

If you have further questions concerning the tag, please don't hesitate to let us know. We’ll be here to help you. Have a good rest!

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