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How do I turn off the idiotic feature of tags?

I asked this question 6 months ago and was told they working on shutting off another BAD feature - tags......well I have to tab past them EVERY why is so hard to turn off features that are so useless? It would be better if we went to the lean, fast version from 10 years ago.....this cluttered, slow, pop-up driven version of QBOE is still the WORST I have ever seen........Please, please, please stop adding useless garbage we can't turn off like TAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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How do I turn off the idiotic feature of tags?

Tags are not useless, but they can be improved.


For instance, I have a small vacation rental business, and I use tags to separate out and analyze the profitability of each property, while still being able to view the P&L data for the whole business.


The problem I have is with these bugs:

  1. You cannot tag a split transaction from the Banking section. If you set a tag it will be lost after accepting the split. You have to then RE-EDIT the transaction to add back the tag.
  2. When viewing the P&L grouped by Tag Group, you do not get a column that shows you untagged amounts, nor do you get a column with totals. This makes it very difficult to track down transactions you might have missed tagging.


These two fixes / improvements would make this feature near perfect for my needs.


How do I turn off the idiotic feature of tags?

I appreciate your ideas, endertek.


That being said, I'll take note of your suggestions and share them with our Developers.


If you have some ideas that will help the system to provide a more friendly user-interface, feel free to post them here. Any feedback from you is greatly appreciated.


I've also added this link for more information about Tags: Tag transactions in QuickBooks Online.


I'll be around if there's anything that I can help. Keep safe!

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