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How to actually delete accounts?

Long story short, from 2017-2018, I had a checking/savings for my business. For whatever reason, in 2018, I had to change close and re-open those accounts with new acct numbers. So I synced the new ones and that was that. Then from the new checking and savings, i ended up closing the savings so i just have one account that i use. I'm not sure what my accountant did in 2019 but I ended up with crazy numbers where the old account was still showing a good amount of money in "quickbooks balance" which was throwing off my balance sheet. So I tried multiple things and resorted to trying to delete those accounts. (I really didn't need this info for the 2019 balance sheet since the accounts closed in '18)

That said, I have all the statements from the previous accounts and I don't even mind adding the transactions on manually.

However, My balance sheet for '19 is still showing the deleted accounts with (deleted) next to them. one is at -69k, another at -4.7k, another at 60k. As you can imagine this is really throwing off all the numbers and I cannot figure out how to fix this for the life of me. Can anyone help?

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How to actually delete accounts?

Sharing this one in the Community is a good step, misterwes31.


Thanks for providing further details of your concern. I would like to help you figure out this.

We can deactivate the account instead of deleting them. It's a way to delete or remove the transactions. When we make them inactive, the balance will still affect the equity account. In doing so, QuickBooks will automatically create an adjustment for the balances.


Also, any activities that were done to that period will still show in the report since they are still part of the data. Though, they are marked as deleted ones. 


You may want to consider visiting the articles below. All of them, are references to know more about the accounts in QuickBooks Online.



I hope you're good. Please let me know if you need further assistance. I'll be around to help and respond to you as soon as possible.

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