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Misleading purchase order

Good Morning All! 


We have a purchase order that was received incorrectly. I updated the bill/receiver to reflect the correct amount. The PO was for 850. The original amount received in was 2250 (U/M mistake), and the actual amount that we received was 980. The bill/receiver is currently showing the correct 980 amount, but the PO is only showing we received in 850. I am just wondering why it is only showing we received 850 on the PO instead of the actual amount. Is there a setting we can change on our end or is there something we can do to have it show the actual amount?



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Misleading purchase order

Hi there, joneill1186.


Let me share some information on how the Purchase Order (PO) records the amount after receiving it. 


The 850 amount you've issued to a vendor will remain as the amount of the item regardless if it's fully paid or not. This is how the PO works in QuickBooks, it wanted to track the recent transactions applied to it. With that, let's try to open the PO. Then, see if the 980 is recorded to it.


Here are the steps on how to do it:


  1. Open the Purchase Order (amounting 850).
  2. Review the details under Recent Transactions on the left side. Normally, it should have the date, and bill payment (980) recorded on it.


Aside from that, we also have the Summary there, which help us to know the remaining balance of the PO as well as the amount you'll receive soon. 


In your case, I see that you want to change the PO amount from 850 to 980. We can manually do it, still within the purchase order, modify the amount. Then click Save & Close at the bottom part of the page. 



You may want to check out these articles. Each of them talks about appropriate way of handling and using the PO in QuickBooks Desktop.



I hope that helps. If you have other questions or further clarification about it, please let me know. I'll help you figure them out as soon as possible. Stay safe, and be well!

Level 4

Misleading purchase order

Thanks for responding to my question. I was worried this was going to be the answer. 

It would be nice to easily see the original amount ordered and the actual received amount. I understand there are ways to bring that information up, but I wish the PO itself could show that. Seeing 850 received on a PO when the actual amount is 980 just seems like it could cause some confusion if someone is just trying to take a quick look to see what was received. 


Thanks, and stay safe and be well as well!  

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