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Statement of Activity Revenue Report Error

When I run a Statement of Activity report, one of my revenue accounts shows as "Sales" on the report instead of the actual account name. The revenue is entered as a batch with other accounts and all the others appear correctly. It's just the one account that shows under the Revenue heading as simply Sales. The account is set up identically to the others in the chart of accounts, too. 


Has anyone else had this happen or know how to correct it? 

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Statement of Activity Revenue Report Error

Hello @jdavid1006,


I'm glad to see you dropping by here in the Community. I'm here to lend a hand with your concern about the report in QuickBooks Online.


I can see that you have a non-profit organization. The report is usually called a Profit and Loss for different industry types or organizations. 


Since your company is a non-profit, it's called Statement of Activity. It has the same function and will show income and expenses.


The report will show all Income type accounts from your chart of accounts. As a workaround, you can customize the filters and exclude Sales.


Specify the income and expenses you want to show in the report. You can use the checkboxes beside the accounts (see screenshot below).



Check out this link to know more about report customization, as well as how to change your rows/columns in QuickBooks: Customize reports in QuickBooks Online.


Please let me know if you need more assistance running the report or personalizing data. The Community and I will be here to help you.

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Statement of Activity Revenue Report Error

Hi AlcaeusF. I appreciate the reply but that doesn't help my problem. We are a ministry-based daycare (hence the not-for-profit status) and separate revenue postings by room. All of the other rooms show up on the Statement of Activity as the room name but revenue posted to one specific room shows up as Sales. 

When I drill down into the transaction report, each room name shows up under the Account heading except for this one particular room. It shows as Sales. 

Do you know how I can correct that?

QuickBooks Team

Statement of Activity Revenue Report Error

Thanks for coming back to us, @jdavid1006. I'll be your guide in correcting your Statement of Activity Revenue report.


It could be that the sales account is selected for that particular room. Hence, it shows as Sales in the report.


To confirm, I'd suggest you open the transaction for the room in question. Then, check if it's in the correct account. Otherwise, you change it to the correct one. 


For future reference, check out this article to get more info out of your custom reports in QuickBooks Online.


Get back to me if you have additional concerns. I'll be here to help.



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Statement of Activity Revenue Report Error

Thanks for your reply @katherinejoyceO. I checked what you suggested and it's still confusing. When looking at the transaction report, it shows Sales as the account. When I drill down to the actual transaction, it shows the room under Product/Service. It's part of a larger sales receipt so all of the other rooms are showing properly but this one is not. Any other ideas?

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Statement of Activity Revenue Report Error

Good morning, @jdavid1006


Thanks for reaching back out to us. Let me point you in the right direction. 


Since none of the steps haven't worked so far, I suggest contacting our Customer Support Team for further assistance. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Help (?) icon in the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Click the Contact Us buttton. 
  3. Enter your question and hit Let's talk
  4. Scroll down and choose to Get a callback


It's that easy. 


Keep us updated on how it goes. We want to ensure that you get taken care of today. Have a wonderful day! 

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