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vendor bills

I have a vendor bill that requires half payment.  The bill is associated with a few different customer jobs, which is not the problem.  The problem is, I issued a check for half their invoice, but when i pull a transaction detail report for the customer job to see what has been paid, it is showing Unpaid for that vendor.  Why? and is there a report that will show how much the total invoice is and then show the payment?


I am on QB desktop


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vendor bills

An AP bill remains  "Unpaid" until it is fully paid.


Yes, there are standard reports that will show the amount and open balance, such as the AP Aging Detail report (modify it and add the Amount column) or a custom transaction detail report filtered for Bills and showing both the Amount and Open Balance columns.

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vendor bills

Partial payments will also be applied in proportion to all individual charges on the invoice - you cannot pick and choose, for example, that labor is paid in full but materials not yet paid on an invoice that includes both items unless you create two separate bills

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