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Receptionist needs daily totals (cash/check/credit card/charges)

QB Pro 5-user, desktop, on a server


For years we have struggled with 'how the receptionist can print out yesterday's sales', for each of the 4 categories in the title line.

As admin, of course I can print out these reports and they are memorized - because my 'user' has Sensitive Financial Activities turned on.  So I have been printing them out which is a huge annoyance in my day. 

The only way we could give an employee access to the Memorized Reports was to ALSO give them access to all employees' payroll information, an unacceptable situation.


Finally I have found a way for the receptionist to print out yesterday's reports..........but it is a 17-step process for each of cash, check, credit card and charges.  ie 68 steps each day.

QB will not allow her to memorized the reports because Sensitive Financial activities is turned off, as it must be (see previous paragraph). 

So, she can see and print these reports but not memorize them!  Seems ridiculous, I bet there is a solution.

If anyone knows a way, thank you for the help.  I will post below, the 17 steps to get one of these reports so you know what I am talking about.


Customer and Vendor Profile Lists
Payment Method List
Highlight Cash (only one click)
Customize Report
Adjust dates (Select “Yesterday” from drop-down list 
Drop down arrow (the one beside All Accounts)
Scroll 1/3 way down
Select Undeposited Funds
Go back to the left side
Select Transaction Types
Multiple Transaction Types
Sales Receipts and Payments


QuickBooks Team

Receptionist needs daily totals (cash/check/credit card/charges)

Hi DaveInTexas,


We recognize how valuable is your data security.


At this time, only users with admin access can memorize a report. Performing the 17 steps to print a report is the only way to do it .


But, I'll make sure to pass this along to our product team to let them know of your business needs.


You can also check this article for more information: QuickBooks Desktop Users And Restrictions.


I got this link in case you have other questions about QuickBooks Desktop: Reports.


Don't hesitate to fill me in if you need anything else. I'm always right here to help

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Receptionist needs daily totals (cash/check/credit card/charges)

I guess I am amazed that thousands of QBPro users are not having the same problem.

Surely every business must need a handy way to find the daily totals for each method of payment?

Yes, I would like to submit this as a feature request to Intuit; I believe 68 button pushes every day for a commonly-needed total could be simplified.

PS Maria.  I don't understand why you made a comment about my concerns regarding data security.  And neither of those links are helpful.  They are general information only.


Receptionist needs daily totals (cash/check/credit card/charges)

Hello DaveInTexas. 


I'll ensure to forward your concern to our product engineers together by my colleague. This way, the feature might be given a chance to be part of the next product updates. Other user might find this useful as well. 


I appreciate you for sharing your feedback here. If you need anything else, just let us know anytime.

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Receptionist needs daily totals (cash/check/credit card/charges)

Well thank you for your reply and for forwarding that to engineering.

"If you need anything else, just let us know anytime."

Here is another one;

When using the Customer List search box (the one with the magnifying glass),  you cannot simply enter the letters such as "Johns"...   then press Enter.  You must mouse over to the magnifying glass and click on that (or you must press Tab, then Enter).  Not a huge deal unless, like me, you search your database of thousands, many times a day.   (most programs now allow an 'put in letters, press Enter' action to complete the task.)  Rather clunky for a modern-era program.
Also, to then do a new search, you must navigate to the "X" beside the letters previously entered, click that, then navigate to the search box again (most programs now will automatically highlight those letters and allow direct erase, or modification, or entry on top of that)

These things will make the program much friendlier for me.  Thank you.


Receptionist needs daily totals (cash/check/credit card/charges)

Hello again, DaveInTexas. I'll take note the information you've shared with me.


I'll make sure to pass this along to our product engineers. We based on our customer's feedback on how we update our products. All the things you've mentioned are actually a good suggestion that I can send to them.


All of your request features will be evaluated by our developers. These might be given a chance to be included in the next product released.


I'm just around if you need more anything else with QuickBooks.

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