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Reconciling with QBO

My company is using to streamline AP with QBO. I found that there are some transactions that are not in sync between and QBO within a certain date period. How would I reconcile between and QBO transactions to make sure that all transaction are in QBO?

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QuickBooks Team

Reconciling with QBO

Hello, Tealdesert.  


Thank you for posting in the Community. I'll be happy to get you to the right support to get this resolved.  


QuickBooks Online only syncs and accepts transactions that sends to the system. 


That said, I suggest contacting their customer care support. They have the tools to determine what's causing the issue and help you get back to business in no time. 


Just follow the steps found in this link:


For your reference, I've included our detailed guide about what is


I'll be right here to continue helping if you have further customer-related questions or any other concerns. Feel free to tag me in your comments. Stay safe!

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Reconciling with QBO

I apologize. Please ignore my previous replies from today; I misunderstood the situation. 


I am trying to nullify a bill from a prior period, and I am making a journal entry to zero the bill out on QBO. However, the bill still shows as "Open" on My question is: if I delete the bill from, would it delete the bill on QBO? Because I can't have the bill be deleted from QBO.

QuickBooks Team

Reconciling with QBO

Thanks for providing additional information, @Tealdesert.


If you delete your bill from, this won't reflect in QuickBooks Online (QBO) since the transactions have already been recorded in the program. 


Let me guide you on how you can delete the bills on Here's how:


  1. Click Bills in the left navigation menu and click Vendors.
  2. Select the vendor's name and click the bill's invoice number
  3. Once done select More actions.
  4. Choose Delete bill.


In addition, you can run the Bills and Applied Payments report in QBO. This will show you the payments that you've made and the bills that go with them. Just go to Reports and open the Bills and Applied Payments report.


I'll be right here to continue helping if you have further customer-related questions or any other concerns. Feel free to tag me in your comments. Stay safe! 

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Reconciling with QBO

So if you have balances in your Clearing that will not go away-  what would be the first step -  the Bill and applied Payments report for a designated period of time - as we pay every day so it is a moving target.   

What is the best approach - we have several companies. Any help would be appreciated. 


Reconciling with QBO

Hi there, kchamber1111.


Let me help fix the balances on your Clearing account. You'll want to match bill payments using a Bill Pay Clearing account.


With the Clearing account, you'll only be able to match the batch withdrawal transactions downloaded from your bank to the journal entries created to clear out the Money Out Clearing account.


To view each bill payment:


  1. From the left menu, select Accounting and choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. From the Chart of Accounts, find Money Out Clearing, then choose View Register in the Action column to see the list of transactions.


Then, you can match downloaded transactions to existing QuickBooks Online payments. Here's how:


  1. Find a downloaded transaction with the Match option in the Action column.
  2. Note the DateDescriptionPayee, and amount spent or received.
  3. Select the downloaded transaction to expand the view.
  4. Review the Matching records found in QuickBooks. This is the possible matching transaction you already entered in QuickBooks.
  5. Select the link next to each match to get more details.
  6. Make sure this is the correct match. In particular, review the Deposit toPayment method, and Bank account fields on forms for the existing transaction in QuickBooks.
  7. If this is the correct match, close the open transaction.
  8. Select Match.


Everything you need about matching transactions can be found through this article: Learn how to review downloaded bank and credit card transactions and put them in the correct account....


Let me know if there's anything else you need by commenting below. I'll stay around until you're able to clear our balances on your Clearing account.

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