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Reports - Profit & Loss by Class

I run a rental business. Tenants come and go. Trying to print Profit and loss by fiscal year 2018 indexed by class(properties). For two properties there are glaring errors. Appears the report does not consider tenants that have moved out and and been marked inactive.

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Re: Reports - Profit & Loss by Class

It's nice to see you here, @prop17,


I appreciate your time checking this with us. I can help you with your Profit and Loss report.


You have the option to apply filters to show specific names on the report. Let me guide you through the steps


  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Choose Report Center.
  3. In the Report window, click Filters at the top of the report.
  4. On the filters window, select the check box next to the filter you want to use. (Example: Name)
  5. Set the options for the filter.
  6. Click Apply.

That should limit the report to transactions related to certain names from your Customer:Job, Vendor, Employee, or Other Names lists. However, if you're still unable to pull up the information for the inactive tenant, you can make them active again so you can run the report without errors.


You may want to check this article to know more about customizing financial reports in QuickBooks for Mac: Customize company and financial reports


Please let me know how it goes, @prop17. I want to make sure you're able to complete your work efficiently. Have a great day!