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Statement of Activities Detail Report Date


When I run "Statement of Activity Detail Report" it has in one row the account number (let's say A8), then the next set of rows are blank but one column over (B9 to end) will have all the individual transactions noted under this account.  I am trying to figure out if from A9 to end can be fill out with the account number that appeared on A8 also instead of defaulting to blank.  See attached yellow highlighted rows as an example. Thank you in advance for help. 

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Statement of Activities Detail Report Date

Hi there, @rudzinskin.


When running the Statement of Activity Detail report, it will give you a detailed view of your revenue, expenditures, and net income which shows individual transactions. Thus, the data posted on the report depends on how your transactions accounted. 


To have the transactions to be under A8, I recommend reviewing your transactions and ensure that you're using the account with the A8 account number.


Also, I'd appreciate if you can attach again the yellow highlighted rows you're referring so I could have a better picture of your concern. As I want to ensure this gets resolve for you. 


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I appreciate you taking the time visiting us here today, and I look forward to your response. Take care and have a great day.

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Statement of Activities Detail Report Date

Thanks for responding I attached the file.  


I am basically looking for the account number to repeat on each row that has a multiple transaction under each account.  Current format only shows account number on the first row only.   Thanks for your assistance.


Statement of Activities Detail Report Date

Thanks for getting back to us, rudzinskin.


Currently, we don't have an to option to add the account numbers per row or line item within QuickBooks Online. However, we can export the Statement of Activity Detail report and customer the details.

  1. Open the Statement of Activity Detail report.
  2. Click the Export option (paper icon).
  3. Select Export to Excel and save it on your computer.
  4. Open the exported file and add the details.

You can use this link for reference: Export your reports to Excel from QuickBooks Online.


We'll be right here if you have additional queries regarding your financial reports and how to customize it. Have a great day!


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