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Lisa galvin
Level 4

Statement Writer

Does anyone use another program besides Statement Writer to generate custom GAAP financial statements.  The latest version of Excel to integrate with Statement Writer is Excel 2013 - Intuit cannot seem to keep up  with Microsoft Office.  I have Office installed on my computer,  I do not use the cloud version.  I am using an OLD laptop with Excel 2013 but at some point this will not work.  QB does not allow me to make all the customization I need within the program.  This is really time consuming to do this.  The statement writer has never been a priority for Intuit - I have been using it for 20 years and this has been a continuing problem, but no patch or solution seems to be forthcoming.  


If anyone has a suggestion for using another FS generating program that works wit QB I would love to hear about it.  




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Statement Writer

I have a resource here where you’re able to view a list of third-party application that works with QuickBooks, @Lisa galvin.

I can see the benefits of having a lot of customization features for your business. You can visit Right Networks Application Directory to look for other FS generating programs. From there, it will provide you different types of amazing apps that can integrate with QuickBooks. 

We always value customers who are keen to give us their feedback. I’ll be sure to pass on what you have shared on this page to our managerial team. This way, they could come up with the best plan for future enhancements. 

Let me share with you these articles about QuickBooks Statement Writer and its recommended solutions in case there’s a performance issue:


I’ll be around if you have other things to share with me or concerns. Take care.

Lisa galvin
Level 4

Statement Writer

Not really a solution - for what I pay for my ProAdvisor and payroll subscription I shouldn't have to look or pay for something else.

Level 1

Statement Writer

I couldn't agree more.  Intuit totally screwed over every accountant when they discontinued ISW (which, while very simple, worked extremely well for small-business focused accountants) and shoved QSW down our throats.  What used to take 10-15 min in ISW now takes at least 60 minutes in QSW (assuming that it works).


Typical big-company mentality - push out supposedly "improved" software that doesn't work nearly as well as the previous version while charging more and more each year.  If I could find another solution other than QB I would migrate all of my clients off of it.  Same reason BTW why I refuse to do business with Lacerte - I can't believe anyone actually uses that crappy software (although to be fair the software we use isn't much better).

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