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Totaling categories

Is there a way to get a total for each category? For example, I want a total of materials and supplies throughout the year. If so, how? 

QuickBooks Team

Totaling categories

Welcome to the Community, @Hradecb.


I can share some insights about running and customizing the reports in QuickBooks for Mac.


Currently, getting the total for each category on your reports is unavailable. As a workaround, you can export it to Excel and do the calculation there.


While you do that, I'll also pass this idea along directly to our engineers so they’ll know a lot of customers have the same need for this option. You can do the same by visiting and entering your suggestion in this link: Ways to Improve QuickBooks Mac.


That should get you going, Hradecb.


And of course, you can always drop by here in the Community for any other questions you need help with. Have a good one!

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Totaling categories



Please learn from this input.




You run your Reports, such as P&L Standard will show what you asked; and Job reports will show what you asked, such as Item Profitability reporting. Look at the Reports and their submenus from your Reports Menu listing.

Level 1

Totaling categories

WHAT? No way to total a category? That's insane. What is the point of having them, then?

Kendra H
QuickBooks Team

Totaling categories

Hi there, @pamelac


Thank you for joining this thread.


I can see how this feature would be beneficial for you and other users as well. My colleague did submit feedback to our Product Development about having this feature for QuickBooks Desktop. 


If you have any other questions or concerns, I'm only a few clicks away. Have a safe and productive week ahead!


Totaling categories



I want to make sure you have an answer to your question. @qbteachmt is right and those totals should roll up into your Profit and Loss statement. If you still need some additional help, can you provide some more information on how you track materials and supplies. For instance, do you use bills and items or do you measure your expenses by other means?


Thanks, ~B

Level 1

Totaling categories

How is this not the most basic of features? Unbelievable. I'm definitely switching to a different service... AFTER I HAVE TO GO THROUGH AND TOTAL UP ALL MY EXPENSES ONE BY ONE. 



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