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undeposited funds

I have two items in undeposited funds that are showing Paid on the invoice.  These caused me a ton of trouble because I accepted the payments through quickbooks and it split things in ways I didn't know hwo to deal with.  I ended up re-entering the invoices and probably messed something up.  How do I resolve this?

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QuickBooks Team

undeposited funds

It's great to see you here in the Community, @chericrist. I can assist you in resolving the undeposited money issue you're having with QuickBooks Online.

If you accidentally entered inaccurate information on an invoice and want to cancel it, you can simply delete or invalidate it from your books. Here's how to do it:


  1. Find and open the invoice you want to delete.
  2. In the Invoice window, click More at the bottom.
  3. Choose either Delete or Void, then click Yes to confirm.

Then create bank deposit for your undeposited funds. Here's how:


  1. Select + New then choose Bank Deposit.
  2. Click on the payments included in this deposit section.
  3. Enter the following information and Save and Close.

I'm adding this article for more guidance: Void or delete transactions in QuickBooks Online.

You can also match and remove duplicates if transactions are added to your bank register. You can utilize this article as a reference.


Tap reply for more details. Keep safe, @chericrist.



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undeposited funds

@chericrist when you say you accepted payments in quickbooks, do you mean credit card payments? Merchant?

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