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When do you build assemblies?

Hi All,


I understand how to build assemblies in Quickbooks (Desktop) but I was wondering when I should be building them.


For example, my production team will say we are running low on part A. They will request a work order to build 10 more. It will take up to a month to complete work on all 10. 


Right now I would build the assemblies in QB after the month and the production of the item is complete. That way the components that were used get taken out and my sales team now knows we have 10 brand new shiny ones in stock to sell. My manager is questioning that maybe we should build the 10 in QB at the start of the process. My fear is that A) we wont have all the parts in stock and it will cause a pending build anyway and B) then it will look like we have 10 in stock when they are still being fabricated.


I wanted to see what everyone else commonly does so we can flex our system if needed. We are still new at this type of inventory tracking so any help is appreciated.


thank you!

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When do you build assemblies?

QB does not have a WIP function for assemblies, where when items are pulled to make an assembly they are reserved from sales, but not yet added as the final assembly as a stocked item


You can simulate that function with a small work around, lets say the assembly you build is called widget-finished.

rename that to widget-WIP

create a new assembly item called widget-finished and list the widget-WIP in the BOM listing.


When you start building the widget, use build assemblies for the widget-WIP item, a month later when they are complete, build the widget finished item - doing so removes the qty from the WIP widget and now you show the item ready for sale

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