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4 Ways Accountants Can Put Financial Literacy in the Spotlight



If you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, you’re so good at number-crunching you can probably do it in your sleep. As a finance professional, you know that plenty of small business owners don’t have the time, skills or inclination to track every one of their dollars and cents with accuracy and precision. That’s why they hire you!


Of course, entrepreneurs aren’t alone in this lack of interest and understanding about money matters. Financial Literacy Month (FLM) was created to help address this nation-wide concern. For accountants, FLM is a 30-day opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of financial literacy and to give it a boost, both for your current and prospective clients.


Here are four strategies to consider for this FLM and beyond.


  • Offer some free services. Everyone, not just business owners, benefits from better understanding their finances. Spread the word about FLM by offering a free introductory workshop or seminar about the services you offer and how they can help. Host an online webinar, teach a class at your local library or schedule a presentation in your office.
  • Explain budgetary basics. One of the fundamental struggles around money management is budgeting. If you teach people to create (and, yes, stick to) a realistic budget, you’ll give them a valuable tool to help make better financial decisions, both personally and professionally. As an established trusted advisor, you’ll deepen your client relationships, too.
  • Turn to teens. FLM originated as Financial Literacy for Youth Month. Educate and inspire the next generation by offering a lunch ‘n’ learn or after-school session about essential money matters for high schoolers. It’s never too early to kick-start financial literacy!
  • Spread the word. Simply raising awareness that Financial Literacy Month exists and why can inspire people consider their dollars. Mention FLM in your marketing outreach or social campaigns, and share this link to a pledge about being financial responsible.


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QB Community members, if you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper, how do you put financial literacy in the spotlight for business owners and beyond?

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4 Ways Accountants Can Put Financial Literacy in the Spotlight

Client education is part of the job description for any service professional, whether we're talking about accountants or lawyers or engineers. For accountants, much of that education involves clearly defining industry terms to enable effective communication and empower clients to make informed decisions for their financial future. We've got you covered! For a quick primer to share with new business clients, click here.

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