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6 top tools for evaluating website effectiveness:


 As an avid DIY entreprenuer, marketing has become a stress relief for me that allows me to be creative in a very analytical profession.  Appreciating the importance of advertising to every business, I always recommend consulting a web development specialist to accomplish your marketing goals.   


In the interest of sharing knowledge I hav included screen shots of our actual results including the areas that we still need to improve.  


Note: All of the websites listed below offer some form of free trial or limited use free account. While I absolutely believe in the value that each of these sites provide with a paid subscription, I find that most apps within the SEO industry charge more than the value they are providing, or my own ability to capitalize on the results provided.


Nibbler: Overall performace based with great feedback information

 Nibbler has to be my favorite website to use due to the amount of information that you get back for the amount of effort put in.  No matter your skill level, it is possible to evaluate the results and make action items focused on improvement.


On many occassions, we have been able to pull these reports for our clients to provide to their website developer as a way to suggest ways for improving their website.



Nibbler Results.png



Ahrefs: Backlink tracking and SEO and PPC campaing effectiveness ( Domain Authority)


 Ahrefs allows you to run a free review of your website for related backlinks ( other sites that link to yours) and the affect it has on your Domain Authority "DR" (a scale between 1 (Bad) and 100 (Great) that represents your authority as a thought leader and quality content creator within your industry.This is one of the many tables of useful data provided by This is one of the many tables of useful data provided by




Google Analytics: Track who and how people visited your website












One could argue this should always be #1, especially since it is directly connected to Google, the largest search query processor on the web, but it got knocked down due to the useability of the site.  Previously it took a degree in Google to understand the information generated their reporting, but recent improvments have made it much more friendly to use.

 Google Analytics is full of valuable data! Google Analytics is full of valuable data!



No matter you comfort level with the information presented, adding the google analytics tag to your website is a must and should be done immediately.  Performace data is valuable even if you do not understand what it all means, you can always find someone who does.


GTMetrix: Page Speed Testing, Industry standard


 GTMetrix has been at the top for website speed testing for quite some time, their primary goal is to check how quickly your website loads for the ifrst time and then provide additional feedback on how improve it.   


Ryte: SEO Focused evaluation with great feedback on areas of improvement


Ryte was introduced to me by Yoast SEO ( the best SEO tool for wordpress website). This is another example of a web based tool designed to help the DIY person better understand what is working well and what is not on their website.Ryte.png



 Website Grader: SEO focused evaluation of your website












 Great overall website grade tool!


Whether you are working on your website yourself, or you hired a professional to manage the site for you, it is important to periodically run your own testing on the site to make sure to evaluate the performance.  Websites are living and breathing creatures that require constant attention to remain at the top of the search results.



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6 top tools for evaluating website effectiveness:

@ParkwayInc This is a great list! Thanks so much for sharing. 


I'm curious what you think of the tool which rates your website's performance and popularity compared to other websites? 

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6 top tools for evaluating website effectiveness:

@ParkwayInc, this is awesome - thanks for sharing!

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