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8 Marketing Ideas for Fall to Bring Your Customers Back for the Holidays



Can you smell the pumpkin spice? Fall has officially arrived -- on September 22, to be exact -- and that means crisp days, colorful leaves, warm drinks, sweater paws and new marketing opportunities! With the holiday season fast approaching, there’s no better time than September and October to entice new and current customers to shop with you today -- and come back for more when it’s time for holiday buying.



1. Humor your customers.

A lumber store near my house recently changed their marquee to read “Now selling pumpkin spice lumber.” It’s not true, of course, but it is funny! Humor is memorable, so pumpkin spice it up! We can all use some levity, no?


2. Cheer for back to school.

Kids have returned to their classrooms, so parents can exhale. Promote a “You survived summer vacation!” deal just for moms and dads.


3. Think seasonally.

Tie an autumn sale to the falling leaves. “Our prices are falling just like the leaves outside!” Or vow to “squash the competitor’s prices” in an ad or email promo featuring photos of assorted squash. It’s gourd season after all!


4. Trick or treat.

Open your store to trick or treaters on Halloween with candy treats for the kids and holiday coupon treats for the adults -- redeemable in November/December, of course.


5. Beat the rush.

If you run a service business, encourage your customers to book with you now to get those gutters/heaters/carpets cleaned before holiday rush. If you sell goods, offer an early-bird discount when customers shop before November first.


6. Be charitable.

Offer a discount or freebie for every non-perishable food item/toy/pair of socks/you name it a customer contributes to a charitable organization you collect for during the holidays. Customers remember and appreciate a generous entrepreneur who also makes it easy to give to others.


7. Give thanks.

It’s the perfect time of year to show your customers some gratitude for their business. Offer your best, repeat customers a discount code via email, host a customer appreciation event or simply send a card personally thanking them for their business in 2018. (Want more tips for showing how much you appreciate everyone who helps your business grow and succeed? Check out this helpful post.)


8. Get sporty.

The sporting season is in full swing with baseball playoffs coming, football starting up and basketball on the horizon, too. Sponsor a local kids’ team or promise a special discount/freebie for every touchdown, homerun, three-pointer or win by your home teams. Twice a year, my realtor sends out magnetic Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners schedules so I stay on top of the games -- and she stays top of mind!


Now it’s your turn


QB Community members, how do you market in the autumn months to get ready for the holiday rush?


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