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A Quick Guide to Moving Online

Happy Friday, friends. Today I found an article that I believe would be insightful. With a lot of customers being at home temporarily, moving business online could be the best strategy right now to connect with them.

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Think of it as having a virtual "Open" sign being displayed in your store. Business Insider showed four steps to guide your business online. Although there are some small start-up costs, have an open mind for the benefits in the long haul.


Define your product and service range.
First, start by looking at the products you have and creating a short description and assigning a price. Second, try to sort out the shipping cost by finding the most cost-effective way. 
Third, quality pictures attract onlookers, but it doesn't take much to achieve. Using a bright lamp and a clear background can achieve a high-quality look. 


 Pick your online shop platform.
Do you want a full-service online shop or an official website with online shopping functionality? The decision is ultimately up to you by doing some research and weighing the pros and cons. You can find the one that meets your business needs. The article mentioned some advantages and disadvantages of using full- service online storefronts like Shopify. This is a ready to use service that requires a monthly subscription, but there are limitations, such as using their layouts and payments solution. If you have an existing website, you can try adding shopping capabilities by using third party software to enable this. 


Arrange for payment and fulfillment.
This article expressed that you could use your website to collect orders and do billing from another software. They also advised that before launching your online store, to include additional fees in your product cost as well. If you can, a smart thing that was suggested was to do your own delivery services locally to reduce costs.


Promote your new online business.
Since this may be a new experience for some, you would need to get your company name out there. First, you could let your existing customers know by emailing them or calling. Second, advertise on different social media platforms to spread more awareness. Or even by asking family members or friends to share your page and so forth.


 In conclusion, what are your thoughts on moving your business online? If you already do, can you share some pros and cons you experienced? And as usual, be safe, my community friends. Take care!

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