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Established Community Backer ***

A special THANK YOU to Lynda Artesana!



I would like to give thanks today to my favorite QuickBooks Online Community forum Columnist Lynda Artesani today. She sets the bar for elegant and thoughtful ProAdvisor responses and helpful content every day.


Thank you Lynda! :)


Re: A special THANK YOU to Lynda Artesana!

And a big thank you for making my day!!!  :heart:



Established Community Backer ***

Re: A special THANK YOU to Lynda Artesana!

My pleasure Lynda. You deserve it! I gave thanks to you via a LinedIn post today as well.


You are a treasured connection and mentor for me that is greatly valued and appreciated.


I'm very pleased to be connected to over 1700 extraordinary people like you on LinkedIn.


I thought perhaps I'd share some of the joys of knowing and following you with them today. 




Regina Pitts