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Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

Good day everyone! Welcome back to the QuickBooks Community! Today, I wanted to share this gem by Nicole Blanckenberg about  tips to improve your advertising strategy for your small business. Here is what she has to say:
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Redefine your advertising goals
It is time to take a step back and reanalyze your advertising goals. She mentioned that you want your advertising to be relevant, realistic, budget-friendly, measurable, specific to your market, and reachable.
Dive deeper into your customer data
A lot of mistakes small businesses make are looking at the demographics alone when trying to target their audience. However, the writer revealed that is just the surface. She tells us to explore not only demographics such as age, sex, income but also the geography, including the neighborhood and cities, behavioral such as product/service usage, purchase history, and psychographic linked with their lifestyle, habits, goals, etc.
 Invest in brand identity
What is your niche? If you don't know, you need to find that out to maintain competitiveness in this market. Blanckenberg urges us to create a strong brand identity, and this can be accomplished by:
  • Establishing your vision and voice for your brand
  • Use copy that speaks your target audience's language.
  • Use resources to invest in your brand awareness digital campaigns
  • Prioritize quality customer service.
The goal is to have a high customer retention rate and not just one sale. This is just the beginning stage for long-term growth and development.
Harness the power of per-per-click automation
Do you currently have a tool that helps manage your PPC? The writer suggests using Google Smart Bidding or Facebook dynamic campaigns, or WordStream. She stressed that per-per click automation should not be placed on the back burner but be used to see if your campaigns are effective! 
Tap into content marketing streams
Regular content posting can help you improve your SEO ranking and also improve the following:
  • Improve your brand authority.
  • Build long-term business/brand/service loyalty.
  • Improve conversion chances from social media advertising campaigns.
  • Push engaged users up to your sales funnels.
The author encourages us to ensure that the effort is being put in to reel phenomenal results.
What are your thoughts? Do you see these tips improving your advertising strategy? I encourage you to read the rest of the article from our QuickBooks Blog! Until next time, have a fantastic weekend!

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