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Are You Building a Business or a Brand?

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You’ve launched your business, built a strong customer base and have some rave reviews on social media platforms. You’re bringing in a steady stream of revenue, too. With all your tireless work paying off, it might be time to ask yourself this question: Am I building a business or a brand?


Of course, you can’t answer that question without first understanding the difference. Broadly speaking, when we think of a business, we’re thinking about any company or organization that sells products or services. Maybe it’s your local taqueria, your go-to financial advisor or your favorite shoe store. These businesses survive and thrive because you love their burritos, accounting smarts or comfy flats.  

A brand, on the other hand, does more than just meet the functional needs of its customers and clients. It consciously creates a strong emotional association that goes beyond its goods or services. Lego, for example, represents far more than just colorful building blocks. The brand’s global reputation is grounded in fostering imagination and creativity in kids, and this inspiring philosophy is reinforced and amplified through shoes, video games, amusement parks, movies and much more.


Lego, says brand architect Chris Kocek, has “transcended” its product category to become something iconic and beloved. So, too, has Coca-Cola, Apple, Virgin, Nike … the list goes on.


If your goal as a business owner is to build a brand that inspires a deep emotional connection with customers that’s bigger than your goods or services, we say kudos! With that in mind, here some helpful posts to help you grow your business into a booming brand.





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