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Becoming a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Set Me Free!!



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Re: Becoming a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Set Me Free!

To be "searchzble" requires uploading your drivers license I suppose to prove you or I are not robots.


I have been using QuicBooks itself for 20 years and QBO for 3-4.  But today, helping a client set up their "Simple Start" and online payroll I was amazed at the crass intrusiveness of QBO in making every attempt at every turn to not only force users to feel they have to connect bank accounts and worse- they just have to upgrade to Full Service payroll all before running a single payrun.


The landing pages are cluttered with things that do not pertain to simply getting up and running- especially for a Pro Advisor like myself. There is no obvious button to shut off all the crap cluttering up what should be as simple a layout as there is in desktop where the home page gives you immediate selection of data entry.


Automation of data entry as advertised by the current spokesperson, Danny DeVito, implies that all you have to do is wave or point your phone at your customers and you will get rich. Ha! Diving headlong into automation without understanding the mechanics of the data behind it is dangerous and I caution everyone every chance I get. If you cannot enter data manually and know what the results should look like how the heck will you know when the automated data entry makes a mistake as it eventually will?


It is akin to you should not use a calculator if you cannot add 5 or more 3 digit numbers with only paper and pencil. Once you prove basic competence with numbers you can proceed to save time with a calculator but knowing going in what the result should look like. Those 5 three digit numbers, for example, cannot result in a sum greater than 4, 995. Any number higher and you made a mistake.

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Thank you

Thank you for reading and responding to my article, John.

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Re: I wrote a heartfelt article about my love and appreciation for the Intuit QBO ProAdvisor Program yesterday and someone marked as SPAM!



As I mentioned in our private message conversation, your post had initially been flagged by the system as potentially being spam, and to protect the community it was hidden until it could be reviewed by a Moderator.  The post has since been reviewed and marked as not being spam.  


I see that you have since edited the post to change it completely but in the future I would recommend you reach out to the moderators before editing so that you don't have to recreate your post from scratch.  


Lisa N

Community moderator


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Thank you

Thank you, Lisa

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