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Bidding on Bookkeeping Jobs

Hi All:


First post here.  I'm curious if others have found a methodology for calculating the number of hours per month it will take to support a client.  I'm thinking there might be a per transaction time estimate or a way to determine hours based on a review of financial statements looking at profit and loss and balance sheet accounts.  I'd like to start this new client hourly until I get a full sense of their time needs, then switch to flat fee.  But I'm struggling with how to give them an estimate of the hours needed to get us started.  Thanx for any guidance you have.


Elizabeth M. Weber

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Re: Bidding on Bookkeeping Jobs

Hi Elizabeth,

It's always a crap shoot for me, but I see we now have an "overview" in QBO Accountant, if that's what you use, that is really helpful.  I always confer with someone else before quoting a price.  If you're on your own, I can see where that might be hard though.  I think your idea of hourly rate until you get to know them better is solid.  Why don't you time yourself while working on another client, then maybe add about 10% to that time, since they will be new to you.  Good Luck!

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Re: Bidding on Bookkeeping Jobs

I have this problem also, so I am super detailed in my invoice line items so I can go back to other clients and bill appropriately. I have an hourly rate and bill by the quarter-hour. This month is the first time I've encountered someone who balks at the minimum charge invoice line. I politely explained that I provide services for many clients, and they all expect the same level of detail and professionalism. I am a professional and it has taken my time and money to be good at what I do, it has been my experience that if I have to stop my workflow to accept your phone call, especially if I'm not in your books, I have to refocus on your company, your policies, and procedures, your preferences, frequently open your accounts to answer your question, if this takes more than 7 minutes I charge you the 15 minutes; because when you hang up on minute 8, I have to close everything and refocus on the tasks for the client I was working in, why should the work they receive suffer because of me helping you? Please let me know your thoughts.

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