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Client Focused

Did you know that in 2017, Deloitte researchers found that companies that focused on their clients were 60% more profitable than those that didn't? Our Firms of the Future shared a few key points from these metrics, and here are my top five takeaways:love banner.png


  1. Building a people-focused culture involves open communication, a shared vision, and tech support.
  2. Adopting a holistic view of clients' journeys helps gather meaningful data for better understanding.
  3. Avoiding data silos and proper data management are crucial for practical use.
  4. Listening to clients' underlying wants, not just needs, enhances perceived value and fosters referrals.
  5. Maintaining an authentic client focus is vital for firms to thrive in the evolving business landscape.


I encourage you to review the article for my insights, and I hope this helps improve your company's focus! Until next time, take care my Community family.

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