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Community Chatter: Favorite Instagram, Twitter, and other Social accounts to follow

In 2020 alone, there were approximately 233 million people using some form of social media in the United States, and the average person spends upwards of 2 hours a day viewing, liking, and commenting on social media posts.   For many, it is more than just entertainment - social media offers connection to others, a way to find out what is happening in the world, and increasingly, a way to discover, interact with, and support brands and businesses.   


If you are new to the Social world, or are simply looking for new ideas and accounts to follow, we have gathered some of our favorite accounts together.   



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My Insta feed is a mix of friends and celebrities of course, but it is also where I follow artists for inspiration, various tags for things that I am interested in like knitting or houseplants, and small businesses that I like and want to keep up with.  


Some of my favorites are:

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Sean Parker Photography 

The Financial Diet

Humans of New York


Hidden Scotland 

Both IBM and Nike are brands I don’t follow but like to check in on periodically to see what they have done lately - they tend to have people/story focused pieces regularly that really show how you can use Social media to build your company brand.  


Twitter is where I go for my news and current events, as well as being my main platform when it comes to actually interacting with brands.  I don't generally follow brands on Twitter unless I am ride or die with them, so my feed is mostly a mishmash of reporters/news outlets, book publishers like TOR, podcasters like The Rusty Quill or The Try Pod, fun nerdy accounts like Star Trek Without Context, and a lot of hockeyNo really, a lot of hockey.  

YouTube really came in strong for me in the last year, and I’m pretty sure I have the algorithm completely confused at this point with my micro fixations and random deep dives. (Looking at you, Animal Crossing and Chill)  It is my quick escape from everything, and also my go-to for learning how to do things such as my recent foray into raised bed gardening.   If you are interested in it, I guarantee someone on YouTube is producing videos about it.  


Some of my favorite channels to follow are:

The Financial Diet  (Yes, I follow them on 2 different platforms - love the way they segment and target content to the specifics of the platform they are using!)

Matt D’Avella 

The Monterey Aquarium 





My Insta feed is a real potpourri of joy for me, as I’ve somehow learned to balance friends with my favorite popular culture, travel, history, fitness, and (what else) animals. All of it brings me joy and feeds my imagination, health, and intellect, while keeping me in touch with friends & family. Today, I will highlight a few of my favorites across just a few of the categories I enjoy.


As a student of the Italian language, I love traveling to Italy. I particularly enjoy following Insta accounts related to Italy, specifically ancient ruins. Whether I’ve been there or not, the parks where ruins are located usually have an Insta account. Descriptions are written in Italian (or Greek), and if I can’t interpret on my own, I enjoy that there is always an english description provided below the Italian.  I also follow associated hashtags, and enjoy looking at photos other people are taking in real time at the ruins. 

My favorite ancient ruins & Italian classicism accounts include:


When it comes to art, I enjoy following Artists & the people who post their art on their own accounts. One of my very favorite artists is Eric Joyner, who paints Robots & Donuts as they relate to popular culture. I am also a fan of Yoshitomo Nara:



A favorite account list from Insta would not be complete without the animal accounts and rescue services I love to follow. Special shoutouts to:



Lastly, I love space. It is the final frontier, and thanks to Instagram all of the images from the space station, astronauts, telescopes, and satellites are available for our marvel, along with education about the images shared:



When it comes to Twitter, it is hard to nail all of my favorites. I’ve been using Twitter since 2007, and my feed is a widely varied mix of popular culture, and people, places, or things that make me smile. Favorites include:


While I’ve only provided a smattering of the accounts that keep me piqued, I am grateful for these tools which enable me to explore the world, connect with other people, and gaze at the stars while sitting at home, or wherever I happen to be when I pick up my phone to scroll. 







My Instagram is like a time capsule of my various interests and fascinations throughout the 11 years I’ve had my account. Gaming, food, fitness, art...memes. But, a few accounts endure as my go-to’s when I want quality insta-tainment. 



As a bonus, a local donut shop, Guru Donuts, produces high quality photography of their beautiful donuts every day, and I never get tired of it:


I’m almost afraid to admit that I only recently started to appreciate YouTube as a platform to find and follow content rather than just landing there when I clicked a video link somewhere else. So, my subscription list is limited, but I have a few faves:



Then, if you’re a TikTok person, I have to recommend my #1 creator there: Nic Cho (Your Korean Dad) ( It’s wholesome. It’s educational. It’s everything I want on the internet right now. 







Now it's your turn, what accounts do you love and follow?  Let us know below.  

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Community Chatter: Favorite Instagram, Twitter, and other Social accounts to follow

With everything that has happened in the last year, it made me really want to refocus in on some important aspects of life like budgeting and productivity. My favorite social media presence is Jordan Page. 


Jordan Page is a wife, mom (she has 8 kids), and multi-business owner. She's the founder of her blog, Fun Cheap or Free and she created 2 Boot Camps called Budget Boot Camp and Productivity Boot Camp. Both focusing in on finance and prioritizing your time effectively. Unlike other budgeting gurus, she focuses on how to save on the every day expenses, like groceries, the needed, but expensive, coffee shop trips, gifts, etc. while also teaching key principles on how you can pay off debt and live a financially free life while STILL having fun and doing things you love! 


You can follow her on  her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 



Instagram: @funcheaporfree


Matthew P
QuickBooks Team

Community Chatter: Favorite Instagram, Twitter, and other Social accounts to follow

                The last year has been especially trying for everyone and I know social media has been a great way for people to distract themselves from the craziness of our day-to-day lives. I am in love with all things photography and spend much of my free time checking out some of my favorites. Mike Muller is definitely number one on my list. It is extremely likely that you have seen his work but did not know who had done it. Mike has done a lot with sharks, which I love, and so many movie posters. Of course, his work is far more expansive than just these things, but I do find both to be among my favorite work he has done.


Peter McKinnon is another of my favorites. There is something so unique about his media presence. Often, he is called “Just a YouTuber” but his work is beautiful. Although he does not just stick with photography, it is the area that I focus on. I follow him on many different forms of social media, but YouTube is my primary to check out what’s new with him. He is honest about the struggles you will face getting into photography and offers some great advice. It is also refreshing watching his videos because he more personable and less instructional in his tone.


                I know photography isn’t everyone’s thing so I wanted to throw one more out there that has nothing to do with that at all. Blue_eyed_darkness on TikTok is my break from all things photography. Much of her content is just for fun. Watching her reactions to song mashups can bring pure joy. I am not very expressive with my facial reactions but she makes up for all that I lack. Amongst the videos she posts reacting you will also find many inspirational videos. Some people just have a knack for lifting others up in the simplest ways. If you want to watch someone that just makes you feel good, this is the person for you.


Mike Muller Photography

Peter McKinnon




Community Chatter: Favorite Instagram, Twitter, and other Social accounts to follow

Although I may be "old", I will admit I have a Tik Tok obsession. My favorite tik toker right now is @kidathegreat. I am very fond of learning new dances or seeing how others interpret songs through dance. His ability to create something different each time in his dances mesmerize me. It simply puts a smile on my face and makes me vibe out for the moment. 

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