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Tim Sumer
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Creating Video Content For Your Business Is Easier Than You Think

The rise of video content on the internet is undeniable. It's easier to digest information through a video and this is primarily why videos are shared 300% more than any other type of content. So why aren't more businesses creating videos?  When polled most business owners said that they weren't savvy enough to create video ads and that video production in general is just a too costly and time consuming process. If it were a couple years ago, I would have even agreed with this mantra. However, there’s no more excuse for not being able to create marketing videos nowadays with the rise in DIY video makers. I personally have used Video Jaguar to create many video ads for my business. It has really helped out with content marketing too, as my brand always has compelling content to share on all my social media accounts. Plus it has built in libraries of royalty-free images and music, which simplifies the entire video creation process. We've been able to create professional videos in under 5 minutes. It's definitely one of the better marketing tools that every small business would find valuable. If anyone else has used any other tools that they found to be effective in their overall marketing strategy, then please drop a comment below.  I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, and hopefully me sharing this info helps out another business owner. 

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Creating Video Content For Your Business Is Easier Than You Think

Thank you. Its so helpful as i was looking for something like this since a long time.

Community Champion

Creating Video Content For Your Business Is Easier Than You Think

Hi Tim,

What is your affiliation with VideoJaguar, I believe you work for the company right?

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