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Do You Know the Cost of Stress to Your Organization?

Most organizations will focus on tangable and material/labor costs, however “Do You Know the Cost of Stress to Your Organization?”


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Do You Know the Cost of Stress to Your Organization?

Speaking to my time in the service sector, I had a boss at one job and a coworker who ran a team at another who both suffered from the same affliction - their teams failed because the bosses couldn't let go. As leaders they were too hands on and refused to not be the loudest voice in the room. Instead of delegating or putting in human hours, they pushed themselves harder and refused to listen to feedback. 


This resulted in extremely high turn over, resources lost in continuous recruitment cycles (for my unit as well), and an overall bad vibe for the team. Most importantly, their behavior had a direct impact on customer experience - when the leader was stressed, the staff was stressed, this hurt performance and trickled down into the interactions with customers. Leaders blamed poor performance on the staffs' "incompetence," not the yelling or the curt responses to very normal questions during training or one sided conversations. 


Do you think this is a problem in all sectors? Is it something innately human? Is it worse for certain employment sectors? 

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Do You Know the Cost of Stress to Your Organization?



Based on the research that I am familiar with, it is pretty much universal across sectors.
If there is anyone that is untouched, an educated guess based on research done across cultures (including other nations) there may be less experiences with the impact of stress at the top of the economic spectrum. The studies that I am referencing show a clear correlation between health outcomes and where one is on the economic spectrum. The poor and anyone at the bottom live on average 10 years less that those at the top; because the more wealth on has the more choices on has at every level of life. So, even though there may be stressors at the top of the economic food chain so to speak, because of the excess economic resources compared to someone at the bottom, they have more options for reducing stress in the first place and to also treat any health conditions that may arise.

Someone working three jobs just to pay the rent and struggling to put three square meals on the table (let alone healthy ones); while living in the equivalent of an urban war zone with regular drive by shootings is experiencing far greater chronic stress that the .1 percent.

However as a whole at all levels there are accelerating stress level throughout society.


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