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Effectively Communicating with your Team

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the QuickBooks Community! Today, I stumbled upon this quote by Anthony Robbins, "To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”  We all know how important communication is, but I want to switch gears into how often you connect or effectively communicate with your team. Here are some questions to ask your team to get a better understanding of their position:


What team-building activities should we implement?
This aim is to build up connections and make everyone comfortable with each other. With a strong team, it results in positive outcomes.


What can we do to improve our product (or process)?
Believe it or not, according to a Pulse Survey, 21% of employees have a lot of ideas that could change the organization for the better. Still, sometimes they do not feel open to sharing hence why it is essential to have a clear line of communication. This also empowers your team and builds the bond even more.


Do you have any idea how to improve our team culture?
This can help reveal if any issues could be holding the company back, as well as boost engagement.


How can I be a better team leader?
This opens a clear line of communication and shows your employees that you are committed to being self-critical so you, as a leader, can improve yourself. Is this something that you think would be good for your organization?


Feel free to let me know below or if you have other questions to add. Until then, continue to be safe and take care my Community friends.

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