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We are a small business in Charlotte NC.  We are wanting to hire a office assistant.  We have received a lot of resumes for the position but one thing that scares us is the job hopping.  No one stays at a job for more that 2-3 years.  Its a big investment to hire people that won't stay at a job longer even if the pay rate is good.

What are your thoughts?

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Pay, Benefits, Culture, Work/Life  balance are things we have found help to retain good employees.  Unfortunately good help is hard to find, or even people actually want to show up and work.  Perhaps implement a trial period to see how the person works out, give it a few months and you'll see if they are the right fit for your business as well as give them the opportunity to see if your business is the right fit for them. 

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I've been involved in hiring employees for 20 years in the western US and while there has always been a good percent of applicants that bounce between jobs I do feel it has become more common.  We have certain positions that we just plan on being fairly short term, especially positions that attract college students, and in those cases we have developed significant training documentation which has made turnover much less painful.


The best way we have found to develop that training documentation is to have the new employee do it as they are trained. Because the new employee doesn't generally have much institutional knowledge they are best positioned to document tasks from the perspective of the next employee who will lack that knowledge too. It has also shortened the training process because instead of revisiting instructions in week two when the employee forgets how to do a task, they just refer to their notes from week one.


Good luck!

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