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Finding people to sit down with

Hello , I’m trying to start my own store and my own eyelashes brand . Who should I look for that can help creat my eyelashes and my own clothing for my store
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Finding people to sit down with



I'm so glad to see you here as a new member of our QB Community. You've come to the right place to find other small business entrepreneurs who may be able to help with your questions. @cruberti, I wonder if you'd have any good advice for @ladawn?


Ladawn, you might enjoy reading about cruberti (Celeste Ruberti) here in a series we've done following her progress as she develops her own beauty product:


How do you take a great idea from research to market? Follow Celeste's journey! (Part One)

Follow Celeste Ruberti's Journey from Research to Market (Part Two)

Where Is She Now? Catching Up with Fearless Frizz Fighter Celeste Ruberti (Part Three)




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Finding people to sit down with

Hi Ladawn,

I don't know of any specific eyelash companies, but maybe I can help you on your quest :)


My suggestion, if you don't have a lot of start-up capital, would be to do a Google search for "private label eyelashes" or "white label eyelashes" or "wholesale eyelashes". (You could add in the words self-adhesive or extensions depending on what you're looking for.) These types of companies already make eyelashes and sell them to people like you, and you can sell them under your own company name. This is probably the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to market. I'm guessing that you could get an initial order very quickly for under $500. 


If you have more money and want to develop a unique product, that will take a lot of research, time, and investment. I can't speak to the amount, but finding people to develop something like that to your specifications will likely cost in the many thousands. The manufacturer might have to create a new mold for the eyelashes you want, or perhaps the quality of the lash hair costs more. When you have something unique created for you, you have to order thousands of units in order to bring the cost per unit down. If this is the route you're looking to go, you can google "custom manufacturing eyelashes".


I would also suggest looking up "Private Label Insider" on Facebook/Online. The woman who runs it, Melody Bockman, helps people who want to start beauty businesses like yours. I've gone through her 6 week Beauty Bootcamp, and found it very helpful in terms of resources and learning what it takes to start a beauty business. Here's a link to her Facebook group:


Let me know if I can help with anything else!


Level 3

Finding people to sit down with

I just replied - thanks for inviting me to the convo!

Level 6

Finding people to sit down with

Thank *you*, @cruberti!!!

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