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Friday Free-for-All! Go Ahead, Get It All Out!

It’s nearing the end of another butt-kicking week of self-employment, and I think we all deserve to blow off some steam. Here’s your opportunity to kvell or kvetch - whatever’s on your mind (just remember that this is a public forum, folks!). Ready ... set ... gripe, grumble and groan!




Working for yourself can be lonely. When you have a problem with a customer or a vendor or you're simply overwhelmed by everything piling up on your plate, it's hard not having a co-worker to vent to. In lieu of a water cooler, here's a place for you to rant, rave vent and hopefully get some "I hear you!" comments in return. 


So, how was your week? 


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Friday Free-for-All! Go Ahead, Get It All Out!

I love that you guys are doing this! I had some serious communication challenges this week... It's so crazy sometimes, am I right, working with the people you need to get the jobs done? Anyway. Good news tho. Me and my partners are all on the same page now. So I guess I learned that sometimes having the hard conversation is best. I'm glad I'm still in business, everybody! Even if I suffered a lot of stress!

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