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Level 15

Gotta love it

when a plan comes together.  I'm feeling garrulous today so bear with me.

Four years or so ago, my other half went around to the three women’s consignment stores here to consign some clothing.  She came home fighting mad with her clothes.

Collusion, can you say collusion, all three places, though owed by different people had the exact same policies.  Terrible policies on top of that.

Consignment period = 60 days
you can not get your clothes back at all
after 60 days they belong to the store
consignment split, 60/40

So a little research, some talking and we opened a consignment store for women’s clothing, and accessories.

Consignment period = 90 days
Come in and get your clothes any time
after 90 days if they sell the sales amount belongs to the store - no split, but you can still come and get them if you want to.
Consignment split, 50/50

We put in some chairs for the hubby to sit and read Guns & Ammo, Field and Stream, etc. while thier other halves shopped.   And while that worked, the ladies took it over for a gab fest, before, during, and after shopping.  We added chairs - ROFL.  And we made a patio area for smokers.

Over the past four years, two of the competitors have closed their doors!

Yesterday we found out that the last one is going to close her doors! ! !
When that happens we will be the only women’s consignment store for 50 miles in any direction.

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Level 7

Gotta love it

Wonderful story! I'm sure you'll get more business now. 

One of our main competitors in this area just closed their doors several weeks ago and we already have a great increase in sales. :)

Level 6

Gotta love it

@Rustler you do gotta love it! What a great story about problem solving, being thoughtful and creative, and feeling pumped when good strategy pays off. Bravo! And thanks for sharing :-)

Level 5

Gotta love it

Well done, that is what happens when you provide a superior service and put people first. 

Level 7

Gotta love it

Congratulations @Rustler! Thank you so much for sharing your story along with great news. :smileyvery-happy:

Level 5

Gotta love it

@Rustler, talk about taking "market research" to a whole new level! And what a great story about finding (or, I suppose, exposing) a niche in an existing market. Sometimes a really bad experience (retail or otherwise) is just what you need to say, hey, not only can I do this, I can do it a whole lot better! Great success story. Thanks for sharing!

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