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Holiday Sales & Marketing Tips to Finish 2020 Strong

Hello QuickBooks Community! It is getting close to the most wonderful time of the year! But, before you leave today, I wanted to share this article by SmallBizTrends about holiday sales and marketing tips to finish 2020 strong. Here is what they had to say:

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Don't Rule Out In-Store Purchases If You Have a Brick-and-Mortar
A recent study indicates that 85% of people still prefer to shop in-store, and 59% will support stores that follow safety protocols. This can give you an extra boost in sales once you update customers about the company's guidelines through email or social media. I will admit, I still prefer to shop in-store because I can see, feel, and sometimes get more variety or better deals than what is being sold online. 


Weave User-Generate Content Throughout Your Shopping Experience
Raise of hands, how many of you look at the reviews before purchasing an item? Probably a lot of us, right! It is imperative to encourage customers to add their reviews and testimonials to show other potential buyers that your products are worth it and are of the utmost quality. Adding a section where customers displaying your product or the service helps and provides security for new consumers in making that purchase.


Host a Few Social Media Giveaways
Have you considered hosting a giveaway this year? As I look through my social media, I have seen many of my friends involved in reposting brands with giveaways or tagging me in content around this. Seeing this allowed me to roam their site and see what they had to offer while entering their giveaways as well. And just like that, I became familiar with their brand. Things like this drive traffic to your website and open to door to a broader audience to target.


Add a Holiday Theme to your Website
Because online shopping has seen a significant increase lately, why not revamp your site to get involved in the holiday spirit? If you may not have the funds, adding some brightly colored banners or seasonal greetings will add to the shopping experiences, bringing out Christmasy feels. 


These are just a few that they shared. I highly recommend that you read the article for more tips! What are some things you are doing to finish 2020 strong? Please leave a comment below! I'm interested to see your responses. Until then, continue to be safe and be well, my Community friends. Happy Holidays! 

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