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How to Find Your People

Happy Wednesday Community! Hope the first half of your week is going well and giving you that energy to get to the weekend. 


We’ve talked a lot about connecting with your customers and how to engage with them, but let’s turn the focus on you. Do you have connections in your industry? Do you find it hard to find other business owners to talk to? Never fear, I have some ways for you to get out there and meet likeminded people. Let’s get started:



You probably saw this one coming, huh? But the truth is networking this easy has got to be a priority. Reaching out online to other business owners, or finding Facebook groups literally requires minimal effort and …you can do it from home in your pajamas. Search for businesses locally to connect and even cross promote each other. Maybe you do house painting and find someone else locally who does roofing. This is an easy way to get your name out there, even when you aren’t physically with that customer.



Yes we’re in the middle (end?) of a pandemic but organizations are coming up with creative ways to connect people in the same field/industry. It can be hard to take time away from your business but conferences like this are so valuable in that they bring owners together from all over and experts in the field to answer questions and give advice. I’m sure you’ll never leave empty-handed (did someone say swag?).



Most times there are local chapters of small business associations that you can join in order to directly connect with others like yourself. The benefits can be anything from development opportunities, group events and networking. What a great opportunity to discuss new and upcoming trends in your field, or ask other owners how they handle certain issues that come up.


QuickBooks Community

OK, ok. Shameless plug but hear me out. Not only are there a multitude of other business owners here, you’re all using the same or similar product! What we’ve created here is a space for product help and business advice all in one. We want the Community to be a resource for all of you and hope you all continue to hang out with us here. :)


Do you have any ways you connect in your area? What advice do you have to get involved with other in your industry? Let’s talk about it in the comments. 

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